Sunday, June 5, 2011

That's a Wrap! Day 2 of the 48 Hour Book Challenge

I am now at the end of the 48 Hour Book Challenge. Over the past two days I have read for 843 minutes (14.05 hours), which means I exceeded my 12 hour goal. Victory! In the interest of making it to bed at a decent hour, I will keep this post and my reviews brief.

While I didn’t finish tons of books, I did finish The Hunger Games—and I loved it. I can be a bit of a contrarian. There are certain books that people go crazy over that I refuse to give in to. I’ve been holding out on The Hunger Games for a while but couldn’t resist any longer. I was totally enveloped by this book. I’d recommend this book for readers 12 and older who like action, adventure, thriller or sci-fi books. Click here for more information on The Hunger Games.

Much of my time has been spent listening to The Carrie Diaries this weekend, but I’m still not done with this book. So far I can say that the author, Candace Bushnell, and the producers of the audiobook truly capture the younger essence of the Carrie Bradshaw we know and love from Sex and the City. Beyond that I have to say that a lot of the situations seem cliché and the conflicts in this story seem to pile on. I know that there are real teens out there who have multiple, complex situations happening in their lives all at once. However, I think that the number of YA characters in the same situation seems to be inflated. Carrie is met with every vice and temptation a high schooler is likely to come across. In addition she has a deceased parent, abusive boyfriend, a best friend who is jealous of the boy friend, doesn’t get into her dream school—I could go on. While this book has been an interesting and enjoyable read/listen, I find that I believe the story less and less as it continues. My existing affinity for Carrie Bradshaw is the only thing keeping me interested in The Carrie Diaries. So, if you are a Sex and the City fan, this may be a fun pick. If not, you may be better off skipping this book. I have not finished The Carrie Diaries—so there may be more updates to follow.

The 48 Hour Book Challenge has been a fun and surprisingly relaxing exercise. I’m all rested up for a week of work, school—and more reading.

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  1. Great job on exceeding your goal! You took in some fun reading too - I bet Hunger Games made the time fly!