Sunday, January 30, 2011

Farewell Cordelia

Finishing The Skull Beneath The Skin was bittersweet for me. Sadly, P.D. James only wrote two Cordelia Gray mysteries. Finishing this book was like saying goodbye to this great character. Perhaps it is for the best. If there were more Cordelia Gray books I would probably neglect my coursework in favor of solving English mysteries.

In this book Gray is charged with protecting an aging ingenue from death threats. As the novel progresses, Gray has a murder mystery on her hands. The Skull Beneath The Skin has a very different pace than its predecessor, An Unsuitable Job For A Woman. James takes her time with this novel offering great detail and back-story for each character. The bulk of the action takes place on an island off the English coast. The characters have little to do as the police investigate the murder. Cordelia discretely puts her detective skills to work to solve the case.

As I say farewell to Cordelia, I begin classes for this semester. My reading will now become more focused on course related materials. Any extra time I have will hopefully be devoted to reading children’s and young adult literature so that I can continue to become fluent in those works. Ramona the Brave is up next on the blog docket. Cheers.

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