Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Story Journal: Part 2

Over the past several months I’ve become nothing less than obsessed with Twitter. There are a lot of reasons I enjoy this social media outlet—and I’ve found one more: storytelling. Tonight has been a night of school work and crazy storms. As I’ve sat at my desk, looking out the window at the weather—I’ve tweeted. I just looked back at my tweets for the night and realized that they begin to tell a story or they could be used as a great prompt for a story.

This makes me wonder—could twitter be the storytelling form for a web 2.0 culture? Twitter was first defined as a micro-blog. Many have dismissed this early definition of the forum. Depending on the user I think twitter can be a micro-blog or micro-story site.

Tonight’s Tweets:
• There's some cool lightning happening outside my window—an awesome backdrop for late night school work.

• Ok. Cool lightning just turned into scary lightning. The thunder woke up my husband—so it must be bad.

• This lightning is so creepy I'm expecting Vincent Price to walk into the room and offer to tell me a spooky story.

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